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About us_________

We M/s. Vikash Vntures are Consultants in Energy Space since 2007. We are based in Chennai and servicing the HT Industrial and Commercial consumers in Tamil Nadu.

We study the Consumers Energy consumption pattern and advice what options are available to overcome the Demand shortage and Unit (kWh) shortage faced by the consumer due to R&C Measures (Restriction & Control Measures). In case of nil shortage of power, we advice suitable options to reduce the present cost of Energy and thereby bring in savings on a monthly basis.

We are associated with long standing and reliable power generators both in Thermal (Coal & Gas based) & Wind based energy generation. We help our esteemed Generator clients and HT consumers in identifying the right Consumer / Supplier, negotiating the commercial terms, completing the transaction and monitoring and advising the proposed savings on monthly basis.

Brief power point presentation about various Open Access options available to enable savings in energy cost is available in the below link.

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