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Keeping in mind the grim power scenario and the non-assurance of continuous supply to the industry, we have to find alternate avenues to ensure the regular supply for our facilities and reduce the burden of running DG etc.
It is here that we M/s Vikash Vntures , Consultants in Energy space is committed to give alternate options, both prevailing and also emerging ones. We are in continuous dialogue with various power generators, both within Tamil Nadu and also outside Tamil Nadu. We would like to help reduce the risk of dependency on State grid power by providing cost effective solutions for the same. In this regard, we are giving alternate solutions,
Arranging power for few days supply in a month (Power Holiday period/DG Maintenance period) .
Arranging power from Third Party Power sources (suppliers in Tamil Nadu)
Arranging power from Power Exchanges like IEX & PXIL
Arrange Power at very low rate under Group Captive scheme.
Arranging power from Inter-State at low rates
To fulfill the RPO (Renewable Purchase Obligation) of the consumers under Open Access.
A comparison of cost of running your DG / HFO genset including its maintenance and wear & tear cost  vis-a-vis the cost of taking power from us through our alternate  arrangements, would show the savings.
Brief power point presentation about various Open Access options available to enable savings in energy cost is available in the below link:

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